All sectors involved in the supply of food products have an obligation to take all precautions and exercise all "Due Diligence" in the avoidance of failure, in the manufacturing, distribution and sale of food products to the consumer. During the last few years the food industry had faced tremendous challenge in providing safe products. The incidents of the antibiotic residues such as the metabolites of nitrofurans, carcinogenic compounds like dioxins and Sudan red have heightened the issue on food safety.

To address the principle concerns of food safety and functionality, we have developed an integrated system TRACKKER, for our egg based ingredients to track the full history.

TRACKKER is helpful in tracing lot codes, batch codes and farm names up to the feed ingredients.

TRACKKER controls and monitors the two transformation stages from feed ingredient to egg, from shell egg and finished product including the quality of other inputs. The details of packing at the plant to the delivery destination is also captured.

TRACKKER records and controls the Critical Control Points [CCPs] affecting the safety and functionality at every stage of the process / transformation under the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point [HACCP].

Another function of the TRACKKER system is to monitor and analyze the process data to produce egg ingredients of a consistent quality and functionality according to the customer's request.

TRACKKER is a dynamic system and statistical analysis can be performed to continually improve the safety and functionality of the product.

TRACKKER is also a useful tool to identify and locate products with ease during product recall if required.