Liquid Eggs

Liquid eggs are convenient to use and are pasteurized and hygienically packed which are functionally very similar to shell eggs.

Whole Egg Liquid : Sugared whole egg liquid is best suited for bakery applications where the texture and cake height are important.

Egg Yolk Liquid : We offer wide range of egg yolk liquids. Salted yolk, heat stable egg yolk are best suited for mayonnaise and sauces preparation.

Egg Albumen Liquid : Egg albumen liquid is widely used in applications where foaming properties are important.

Customized Egg Liquids : We can also able to supply customized liquids with ingredients.

Product Code Description Application Brochure Request
EAL Egg Albumen Liquid Cakes, Meringues, Noodles
EYL Egg Yolk Liquid Mayonaise, Bakeries, Fine Food, Ice-cream, Cosmetics
WEL Whole Egg Liquid Bakery, Confectionery, Cakes and Pastries